We offer a range of related consulting solutions in Talent Strategy Development, Vision & Strategy Development, and Change Management Execution & Delivery.

These services can be offered independently of any training or coaching engagement, but we often find that our clients wish to use the powerful combination of our training and coaching inputs, with the practical application of our consulting services, to help them deliver their required business performance.

All of our client facing coaches are hugely experienced individuals, and so they are all equipped to deliver onward consulting services.

However, as you would expect, each of our coaches have specific consulting specialities, which we will ensure we align to your specific situational needs. Our highly pragmatic approach means that we are strongly focused on delivering the hard tangible outputs that will positively impact your business performance.

  • Talent Strategy Development

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  • Vision & Strategy Development

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  • Change Management

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  • Through our 121 and Team development programmes, our clients regularly step change their awareness and appreciation of the importance of “employing a winning team.”

    Most leaders and businesses place insufficient focus or priority behind their people agenda, but our leadership coaching interventions are intended to change that mindset.

    Having then shifted this mindset, many of our clients then needs to make some short term and more strategic interventions to gain traction and momentum in this area.

    We utilise our extensive experience in building and managing large teams and businesses, to support our clients through the necessary steps and processes to create a successful and pragmatic “Talent Strategy”.

    Business People in a Meeting and Working Together
    • We utilise our own proprietary “STAR(Strategic Talent And Rating) system, to collate the necessary data on their people, from which they can then make the necessary decisions
    • We then provide consulting support in the strategic areas of:
      • Building Capability (functional, management & leadership training) Identifying and meeting the needs of Top Talent
      • Establishing a motivating and equitable Reward Strategy, Strategic Recruitment and Succession Planning approach
    • We also provide support in “Talent Management”, where we utilise the “STAR” data to work with the management team to determine the necessary short term performance and behavioural interventions, and how to effectively prosecute them
  • Through our 121 and Team development programmes, we commonly identify a need for developing “transformational capability,” in the areas of Vision and Strategy development.

    There is then a common need for practical follow on consulting support.

    Pyramid Chart
    • Having worked on developing the awareness and appreciation for this element of the leadership role, we can then provide consulting support in working with our clients to clearly articulate the Visionary and Strategic needs for their business scenario
    • We utilise our own proprietary models (V.S.O.P) and processes in developing these solutions, and then also provide the consulting support to design the necessary onward communication and stakeholdering solutions
  • In our experience we find that organisations are prone to focus on the tangible elements of the change agenda (Programme or Project Delivery Management). As a result the importance and value of focusing on the people aspects of change can be neglected, either altogether or only activated once resistance or problems arise.

    At ITZ, we believe that the effective engagement and management of people is the critical success factor in ensuring the change agenda is understood, delivered and positively embedded within organisations.

    To achieve this outcome we use our three phase PAR model to structure and deliver the Change Management agenda.
 This framework provides Managers with the knowledge and tools to execute the transformational agenda successfully through motivated and engaged individuals and teams.

    This approach can be utilised through our specific ITZ Change management consulting support, as part of our 121 coaching and within our Leadership and Management programmes.

    • P: Purpose & Proposal

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    • A: Assessment and Activation

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    • R: Reinforcement, Recognition & Reignition

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    • Phase 1: Purpose & Proposal  is about identifying and articulating what the change agenda is and achieving clarity of the impact to the affected people within the organsiation

    • Phase 2 : Assessment and Activation focuses on  building an effective communications strategy designed to inspire and motivate teams and individuals to fully embrace the impact of the defined change both upon them and to the broader organisation

    • Phase 3 : Reinforcement , Recognition & Reignition  is about making sure the change is being activated in line with the agreed milestones /measures and making the required adjustments where necessary within an environment of high performance delivery and behaviours

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