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  • Most people are really quite unclear about Leadership & Management…

    Leadership and Management are both complex and subjective activities, and have promoted countless interpretations and definitions over time. In our experience, most people in business have either an unclear or inconsistent understanding of them, and find the whole area to be a bit of a “dark art” and one which can promote frustration and lack of confidence.

    At ITZ, we have developed widely valued and respected models which accommodate both Leadership and Management. As with most of our thinking, we can distil it down to “one piece of paper”, independently defining both Leadership and Management, but also indicating how they are fundamentally interdependent with each other.

    This clarity provides our clients with the confidence to consistently navigate their way through the diverse activities across each of these disciplines.

  • Many senior Leaders and Managers operate one level too low…

    The business world is full of pressures to “drop down” a level or two in the organisation. This can be due to pressing deadlines, customer or stakeholder demands, or just a personal desire to “get stuck in and fix it.” All of these are real demands, but must be undertaken by those responsible for them.

    Consistently “dropping down too low” in the organisation will leave management and leadership voids at a higher level, and will promote low levels of empowerment and personal accountability.

    At ITZ, we help our clients:

    • Understand how and why this happens, both generically, but also specifically for them, depending on their personal style
    • We then help them “re-value” where they should spend their time
    • We provide tools and mechanics to operate successfully at the right level for their role profile
  • Few Leaders & Managers spend their time on the right things…

    As a result of our personal style profile, and our working experience, we develop a personal “value system” of which tasks and activities are “valuable” to spend our time on.

    Most activities yield some sort of benefit, but the value equation changes drastically as we progress up through the organisation. Fixing issues, finding solutions to problems, delivering day to day tasks and business performance, are all critical activities.

    However, when there are others who are responsible for these activities, the relative value for the manager or leader in spending time on them reduces dramatically.

    At ITZ, we help our clients:

    • Understand these dynamics, and clearly articulate the alternative activities which deliver significantly more value for the leaders or managers
    • We then help them “change the way they think,” so they can be in the best position to take on board and activate a new set of skills and behaviours
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