Over the past 10 years, we have rigorously developed and refined our approach to what it is today.  We provide real clarity for our clients about what we do (and don’t do), and what our deliverables are.

We work very hard “at the front end” of any client relationship or assignment, to clarify “who” in the organisation we should be working with to drive the optimum value/return.

We will also determine the most effective sequence of activity across different individuals, groups or teams in the organisation, to ensure that the interdependencies are understood and optimised.

The interventions themselves follow a consistent “3 phase” approach, where we move from:

  • Diagnosis
  • Training and Coaching
  • Mentoring and Business Application

Each of these aspects to our approach and the deliverables are explained further below.

  • What we do

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  • Why we do it

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  • Who we work with

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  • How we do it

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  • Key deliverables
    and outcome

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  • Our core purpose is to build leadership and management capability and effectiveness, which in turn delivers transformational business performance.

    What we do

    We work with individuals, teams and groups to meet their bespoke needs in Leadership and Management across the following:

    • 121 coaching

      We deliver tailored 121 coaching and training programmes at Chief Executive level, for functional directors across all disciplines and for High Potential future leaders

    • Group based Leadership and Management programmes

      We deliver group based Leadership and Management programmes, building self and role awareness, and common capability needs

    • 121 and group based presentation and communications skills

      We provide executive, 121 and group based presentation and communications skills programmes

    • Change Management

      We provide Change Management expertise, activating organisational change both in process design and cultural development

    • Talent strategy & Management

      We provide Talent Strategy & Management expertise, utilising proprietary online rating and assessment tools to assess the quality, performance and talent potential of individuals, teams and complete communities

    • Executive level business mentoring

      We provide executive level business mentoring, utilising our Board Level business experience to support senior executives to successfully tackle their practical business challenges. These range from establishing their:

      • Strategic Agenda
      • Creating their organisational design
      • Building high performing winning teams
      • Prosecuting an effective internal and external stakeholder strategy
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    • We believe passionately that building Leadership and Management capabilities and effectiveness is the critical factor in delivering consistently outstanding business performance
    • You get the right people, working on the right things, behaving in the right way, as leaders and managers, and we believe that will lead to a truly successful business for you
  • Leaders

    Who initiate and Activate Transformational Change


    Who control and Deliver an Agreed Operating Plan, through a team


    Who are independently responsible and accountable for delivering their element of the Operating plan

    Leaders, Managers, Operators triangle

    Defining organisational roles and responsibilities

    We categorise organisational design into 3 segments, which helps us consistently clarify the roles & responsibilities through the business.  We then use this structure as a key platform for our coaching and consulting interventions.

    • “Operators” – these are the “subject matter experts” who can operate at many different levels, but have nobody working directly for them.  They are responsible for task and delivery
    • “Managers” – in our language, these are “managers of people”.  They are responsible for “controlling and delivering, an agreed plan, through a team”
    • “Leaders” – they are responsible for “initiating and activating transformational change”
  • Over the past 10 years, we have successfully refined our methodology and approach, to maximise the opportunity for us to deliver great outputs for our clients.  We have a consistent methodology to how we approach all of our work, whether it be 121, with teams, or groups.

    It is a 3 phase approach:

    • Education

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    • Coaching & Training

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    • Mentoring & Business

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    • This is where we help our clients really understand how the Leadership and Management roles work, how effective they currently are, and why they do what they do.

    • Where we inspire our clients to really change the way they need to think and behave, as a leader or as a manager; they commonly need to re-wire their thinking, as to where they should spend their time, and the value of the activities they do or don’t undertake.

      They are then ready for us to train them in the practical tools and techniques necessary to fulfill the needs of their current and future roles.

    • Where we utilise our extensive board level experience to put all this into practice, closing the loop from initially seeing it, to getting it, to finally doing it.

  • On a business level, our core purpose & role for our clients is to support them in:

    1. Delivering a transformational business performance.
    2. Building the capability and effectiveness of their leadership and/or management teams, but not as an end in itself.
    3. Achieving the ultimate outcome that this approach leads directly to a more successful, profitable and sustainable business.

    As a result of working with ITZ

    Leaders, Managers, Operators triangle
    • At ITZ we strive to deliver an “end to end” fully integrated people solution which is what we are all about, as the effectiveness for each role is not independently achieved
    • The leaders can only be successful if they have a competent management team
    • Likewise, the management team can only be effective if they have an accountable and motivated operating team
    • It also works the other way; the Operators can only be successful if their managers are organised, well structured, empowering and motivating
    • The managers can only be effective if the leaders have provided clear direction for the business, the appropriate infrastructure and resources, and invested in developing a winning culture

    This will then generate multiple benefits, up, down and across the organisation, with individuals doing what they should be doing, rather than spending their time on activities at least “one level too low” in the organisation.

    For the individuals themselves, not only do they build their capability and effectiveness, but they also build their personal awareness and belief.

    We do not undertake Life Coaching, but most people who have benefited greatly in a business sense from our work with them, also reference how they have independently benefited in their personal lives, from the principles that we have shared with them.

    They build their belief and confidence in what they can achieve both in their current role and company, but also more broadly in their career. This is great for the individual, but also for the sponsoring company, as they benefit from employing a more effective, inspired and motivated individual, all of which is highly likely to promote improved performance, and also increased company loyalty.

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